How Europeans underdeveloped Africa?

Wearing the mask of evangelism and the Bible as an instrument to deception, they ravaged our mother land beyond repair.

Ugwu is an intern with The Tide.

Going by the present up roar and biased opinions about the cultural origin of Africans, it becomes pertinent to make it known to this world that Africa, one of the largest continents in the world, had and was practicing culture suitable to their earthmological Principles and ethics before the coming of white men.

Far before their advent, Africans had a firmly rooted culture and tradition that facilitated the day-to-day activities of its dwellers. Then, the conventional ways of life were in crude and undiluted form.

Though “traditional and archaic”, the system was upheld and respected from generation to generation.

African traditional beliefs were merely oral and non-documentary. The process of transmission were handled by the elderly and opinion leaders of their time. Someone can be an elder by virtue of his age and wisdom, and opinion leaders based on his ability to pass the laid down criteria for such position.

These groups whose intellectuality were highly respected, were not expected to pulverises or go contrary to the wishes of the traditional constructed authority.

When Mongo Park came to Africa, according to the directives of his Master (s) he gave a report that “Africans had no culture and that they were living on tree tops”. What a bullshit!

Although, history had it that Mongo Park discovered River Niger, the same history confirm to the fact that Africans lived, farmed and transacted business beyond the territories of River Niger.

The coming of whitemen only modified and transformed African culture and traditional values in line with the orientational and political provisions of whitemen. Being colonial masters to Africans, whitemen erroneoulsly abrogated our cultural beliefs and defiled our land.

Wearing the mask of evangelism and the Bible as an instrument to deception, they ravaged our mother land beyond repair.

We can no longer boast of the national resources that were formerly the bench mark of the continent. Our “self invited strangers” had to do away with almost all the resources that made Africans proud.

On their lips were many promises and reasons as to why these resources should be extracted and taken away into their home countries. Topmost of the reasons was to increase the standard of living of Africans and the provision of social amenities, including the construction of roads and railways in the respective African countries.

Though, they redeemed about one tenth of these promises, their reasons for carting away all these resources were as flam- bouyant as they themselves.

Besides, these materials which they exported to European countries, at their crude state were later refined, brought back and sold to us at a very ex-obitant prices.

Not being able to fight these “self invited helpers”, Africans were left with no option than to adhere to the instructions and constitutional provision of the whitemen almost at gunpoint.

They did not stop there. Our chiefs, the symbol of African dignity and authority were made to either work for the whitemen or be dethrowned. They were compulsorily made to rule their subjects through the way of the white.

This was instrumental to the elimination of important clauses from African etymological principles and the imposition of western life on Africans.

Although the practice of indirect rule met some minimal level of opposition, the substantial parts of Africans were forced to obey the “new laws of the whitemen”.

They (the whitemen) introduced the African Frontiers Force (AFF) which was almost populated by Africans. They were charged with the responsibilities of enforcing the laws of their employers on the subjects, their own brothers, and arresting the offenders.

This changed the notion which the members of this force had on the rulership and traditional authority of Africa. They manhandled and treated their chiefs as commanded by the men on top.

Politically, they introduced racism and bias in the promotion of Africans who are due and capable to be promoted. Our People could not ascend the position of manager or its equivalent in the civil service. They were merely representatives and at most, the figure heads in their offices. The white indirectly instilled their stupid way of life on the African continent and forced Africans to have a negative view of their cultural and traditional beliefs with a view to perpetuating Africa’s underdevelopment.