World Congress of Ethnic Religions Resolution Against Hate Speech

The delegates to the 10th World Congress of Ethnic Religions June 19-21, 2007 in Jurmala, Latvia hereby affirm  

a.       Their concern about hate speech which usually focuses on ethnic (pagan) religions and spiritual traditions;

b.      The importance of the internet in public education, and the ability of the internet to disseminate hatred and false information;

c.       That freedom of expression must be balanced with the need to promote safety, well-being, pluralism, tolerance, understanding, and a hate-free environment;

And resolve to ask Internet hosting providers to

a. Require any individual or organization seeking to host a website on their servers to voluntarily restrict any behavior which demeans or reduces a religion and its adherents, or which promotes hate or discrimination, and that these policies be incorporated into any contract entered into by the hosting providers;

b. Take the initiative in removing those websites from their servers which wantonly promote, in whatever way, hatred and intolerance towards any religion.