Comprehensive presentation on Terrorism situation in India

Comprehensive presentation on Terrorism situation in India


Radical Islamic Terrorism in India started in 700AD when first Islamic invaders invaded India with all brutality that continues to today.  According to K.C. Lal, between 1000 and 1525, 80 Million Hindus perished due to Islamic Conquest which Will Durant, the famous American historian categorised as the bloodiest story of human history.  Here is a time line:

1) 700AD – 1800 AD: 

Islamic Conquests, when Hindu population perished by more than 80 million due to savagery and brutality where rivers were filled with blood.

2) 1947: 

India Partition saw the second wave of violence where Hindu women escaping rape piled up as stack of dead bodies in wells in some villages.  The severed heads of the killed are paraded by tying them to the poles.  This was retaliated to some degree against Muslims in some parts.

3) 1947 Onwards:     

Decimation of of Hindus/Sikhs in Pakistan through rape, murder, abduction from 25% to less than 1% in Pakistan and from 30% to 10% in Bangla Desh.  Covert genocide is continuing where young girls are raped, property seized in the name of Vested Property act.

4) 1990:

Drive away 350,000 Kashmiris driven away from their homes at threat of rape and murder and are living as refugees in their own country in squalid refugee camps.

5) Ongoing terrorism in India

There is continued terrorism in India sponsored by ISI and DFYI (Bangla Desh) with home grown SIMI.  During just last 4 years alone, the number of terror attacks and terror incidents, India is next to Iraq.

In a nutshell, according to Arabian historial accounts (from Stephen Knapp book, ‘Crimes Against India’) of Islamic Conquest is as below:

·      Of Muslims martyred

·      Of Kafirs (Hindu infidels) dispatched to hell

·     Of Cities and citadels sacked

·     Of Brahmins killed or forced to eat beef

·     Of blood flowed in torrents as slaughter of Hindus increase for sake of Islam

·     Of temples razed to the ground and mosques raised on their sites.

·     Of idols broken and their pieces taken to imperial headquarters for being trodden underfoot by the faithful on steps of main mosque

·      Of booty captured and carried away on the elephants, cames, horses, bullock carts, on backs of sheep and goats and even on heads of Hindu prisoners of war

·       Of beautiful Hindu maidens presented to the sultans and distributed among Muslim generals and nobles.

·      Of Hindu men, women and children sold in slavery markets all over the Islamic world

·      Of Kafirs converted to the “true faith” a the point of sword.

All these accounts were documented by Islamic historians with not a single note of pity, or regret, or reflection over deeds of wanton cruelty.   On the contrary they express extreme satisfaction and gleeful gratitude that their mission is fulfilled in the name of their God and Prophet.