A picture is worth thousand words:

A picture is worth thousand words:

Here we have set of Exhibitions that will take you through time on the issues related to Hindu Human Rights.  Click each link to see the exhibitions.

1)  Fact India Exhibition,  “Aurangzeb, according to Mughal Records”

2)  Fact India Exhibition,  “Sikhs, Defender of Indian Dharma”

3)  Hindu Masjids,  from Praful Goradia book on Hindu Masjids

4)  Fact India,  “Shivaji Maharaj”

5) Fact India,  “Kashmir Refugees Exhibition”

6) Fact India,  “Asru,  Bangla Deshi Exhibition”

7) Hindu Human Rights Exhibition (during recent years)

8) Fact India,  “Naxalism, a threat to Unified India”

9) Radical Islam since 9/11 (atrocities committed by Radical Islam around the world from 9/11 to Aug 30, 2009)